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Broken heart getting repaired.

2011-08-02 15:54:22 by wolfpupgrl

I have had a broken heart since my Very best friend has crushed it. A Very long and complicated story that i will not go into detail, but lets just say she is a bad friend to do such bad things.

i might post updates on life now that i feel comfortable about NG.

See you all later



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2011-08-02 16:03:32

Sorry to hear that friend. Cheer up.


2011-08-02 16:04:40

I love Inuyasha


2011-08-02 16:06:24

Aww, it's all right. Just think on the brigt side of things :)


2011-08-02 17:25:17

that's too bad
youll mack new frends
better friends
friends with robot arms and angel wings
best of luck